Expert Testimony

Monroe can provide expert advice and testimony. As a Florida attorney, broker, and developer, with significant knowledge of the commercial real estate field, his opinions have assisted in reaching settlements and avoiding protracted litigation. Monroe’s experience in commercial development, management, leasing, and sales, as well as knowledge of Florida law, make Monroe a smart choice for lawyers and judges seeking expert advice and testimony related to Florida commercial real estate.

Monroe’s Florida credentials as an expert witness include: member of the Florida Bar for 40 years, current service as Vice Chair of the Florida Bar Receivership Subcommittee; Florida registered broker for 39 years; and Class A Florida general contractor for 18 years (now inactive). His training in Economics was at Williams College (B.A.) and at Oxford University (M.A.). His legal training was at Harvard Law School (J.D.) His government credentials include service as President of the Resolution Trust Corporation (RTC) and Chief Operating Officer of the Federal Housing Administration (FHA). Additional information is available in the “About NREV” section of this website, and on LinkedIn.