The NREV Edge

NREV’s Edge stems from the combined real estate, legal, economic and governmental experience of its founder and CEO, Peter Monroe. Monroe has developed, managed, and leased numerous commercial real estate projects in Florida, and sold over 50 properties. He provides legal and financial services required for commercial real estate—from leases, land use agreements, and mortgages to sales and purchase documents. Monroe’s federal government career and success in working with Florida state and local jurisdictions enable him to work through complex problems not often dealt with by real estate practitioners. His experience is complemented by the accounting, financial, valuation, and entrepreneurial skills of NREV’s CFO and EVP, David White.

NREV can manage a property with the mindset and goals of the owner and has the in-house experience to achieve such goals. Adding value to a property and maximizing internal rates of return are normally the owner’s top priorities. A recent 22-month project, Northwood Commons, a troubled retail/office project in Safety Harbor, Florida, illustrates how each service provided by NREV was consistent with a “Value Plan” mutually developed by the owner and the asset manager for the property. Real estate companies often manage up to 100 properties, with as many as 5 to 10 employees handling discrete duties, making it difficult to synchronize services with a Value Plan. NREV only accepts projects where it is confident that it can implement a Value Plan mutually agreed upon with the owner.

An owner’s goals, however, may also be a quick sale or financing, attracting a particular tenant, or resolving a particular problem. An investor may ask NREV to find, evaluate and purchase a property. A judge or attorney may need an expert witness. A City may need a consultant to develop a plan to seek new businesses. NREV can assist with these and other difficult assignments.

NREV takes on the most challenging tasks in commercial real estate, and successfully completes them. This is the NREV Edge.